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The YMCA provides swimming lessons to swimmers of all ages and skill levels. We offer small class sizes with a maximum of 4 children to a class or 6 babies to a class for our Parent/Child and Parent/Baby classes. Our teachers are experienced in swimming and in teaching.

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• JUMP IN AT ANYTIME! You can register for lessons even after the session has started. Prices will be prorated for classes that have already passed.
• Due to the size and format of the classes, there will be no make ups for missed classes. 
• Children are not place in level based on age, but purely on skill level.

> Winter/Spring 2015 Lesson Schedule


New to swimming lessons at the YMCA? > Click here for important information and an overview of where to go, what to bring and what to expect! 

Free Swim Level Assessments: Saturdays | 12:00-12:30pm | Large & Small Pools
Unsure of which level to register your child for? Y Aquatics Staff are available for free swim level assessments for Y swimming lesson participants (member or non-member). One of our senior swim instructors will cover skills, test endurance, and answer any questions you may have. Whether you are new to swimming lessons or coming from a different program, this swim level assessment will ensure that you are placed into the correct level.

Adult swimming lessons > Learn More

Insta - Gators > Learn More

This program is for participants with special needs in need of a one-on-one approach. Classes will adjust to whatever each individual participant needs during the class. Instructors will be assigned individually to the participant and can remain alone or eventually join a class of similar ability. Classes are 30 minutes long. Scholarships are available. A pool lift is available for assistance in and out of the pool. Parents and helpers are welcome to join the participant in the pool.  
> Fall Lesson Schedules

Froggie : Ages 5 - 8

In this class, participants will build on their independent swimming ability by swimming further distances. Being able to transition from swimming on their front to their back with ease is one of the skills that will build this swimmers confidence. This skill is also a major water safety skill and building block toward formalized strokes in future levels.   
> Winter/Spring Lesson Schedules


Guppy : Ages 3 - 6

Children 3 years old can begin getting comfortable in the water independent of their parents. Through patience and trust, children in this level will overcome their fear and eventually swim independently. Instructors work with children at their own pace encouraging students to progress through games and fun.  
> Winter/Spring Lesson Schedules


Otter : Ages 6 - 10

Swimmers in the Otter class will gain confidence as they begin to swim further distances in backstroke, front crawl and elementary backstroke. Children will learn dolphin kick, the timing of breaststroke, and will start to learn flip turns.  
> Winter/Spring Lesson Schedules


Parent/Baby Swim Lessons : Ages 6 - 18 Months

Babies ages 6-18 months and the parent will enjoy the class together. This class is an excellent bonding opportunity between parent and baby.
This class teaches the parent how to properly hold their baby while working on floating, submerging, hand/eye coordination and muscle strengthening through games and songs.  
> Winter/Spring Lesson Schedules


Parent/Child Swim Lessons : Ages 19 - 35 Months

Toddlers ages 19-35 months and the parent will enjoy this class together as well. This class teaches the parent how to work with their child on relaxed floating, gaining breath control for submerging, independent climbing out of pool and muscle strengthening. This class will also include games and songs.
> Winter/Spring Lesson Schedules


Private swimming lessons are available for each session listed and are a good option for those who may want or need more one-on-one attention. All private lessons are 30 minutes long. Each time listed below represents a private lesson that meets at the desginated day/time in each program session. Private Swim Lessons listed at the Fercho Small Pool can also be in the Large Pool, depending on the participants skills and preference. Lessons with the location as the large pool, can only be held in the large pool due to the time frame.   
> Fall Lesson Schedules

Seal : Ages 6 - 11

Children in this class will increase their strength and endurance by swimming multiple lengths of front crawl and backstroke with flip turns. Your swimmer will progress by completing the butterfly and breaststroke. Endurance will be increased even more by working on being able to swim 300 yards continuously. 
> Winter/Spring Lesson Schedules


Shark : Ages 7 - 12

These experienced swimmers will be able to swim multiple lengths of the pool in each of the competitive strokes: front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Children in this class will also be skilled in elementary backstroke and sidestroke. Safety is emphasized in this class while students learn various forms of survival swimming which they will be able to do for ten consecutive minutes.   
> Winter/Spring Lesson Schedules


Starfish : Ages 3 - 6

In this level, encouragement and positive reinforcement will help little swimmers become more skilled swimming independently. Floating independently on their front and back as well as kicking across the pool on their back independently is stressed in this class for water safety reasons.  
> Winter/Spring Lesson Schedules


Turtle : Ages 5 - 9

Children in this class will build on previous levels by working on swimming under water, beginning to define swim strokes and learning more water safety skills. Swimmers will learn backstroke, front crawl, elementary backstroke and be able to retrieve toys from the bottom of the pool.    
> Winter/Spring Lesson Schedules




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