Preston, 11

I love everything about Camp Cormorant!

Jasmin, 8

Jasmin came from a unstable, single parent home, where opportunities for summer fun were sparse, but with the funding from the Partner of Youth Campaign, she was able to attend Camp Cormorant. Camp became a place of comfort, friendship, and  adventure for the 8-year old girl. Her first night she was terrified of overnight tenting, but with the help of her older sister and spirited camp staff, by the end of the week she had learned new camping skills and was huddled around the campfire telling stories with the rest of her new friends.

Ty, 12

Camp Cormorant is the best place to be.  There is so much to do; boating, swimming, and all the special events at night.  If you do cooking camp you get to make a lot of food that you get to eat.  In waterski camp you learn to ski, knee board, and wakeboard.  I also went to wilderness camp and I like that one because you camp out in a tent one night and make fire pies.

Brooke, 14

I have been to almost every camp at Cormorant and my favorite is art camp where we made ornaments, wax candles, screen printed t-shirts, and worked with clay.  I am also going on the canoe trip which is so fun camping out and cooking over the fire.  We also canoe all day on the Crow Wing.  I love camp Cormorant!

Ian, 9

I love the shark, the boys cabin’s smash bros contest with all boys and of course trench ball!