Stories and Spotlights – Mathias Dollinger

Betty Dollinger wanted to provide opportunities for her son Mathias to learn and grow. Though cost had become a barrier for some of these opportunities, Betty was determined.

She picked up the phone and called the YMCA, asking there were any opportunities for her son to get involved. “The Y staff was wonderful,” Betty said.

YMCA staff members supported her efforts to give her son better opportunities. They also accommodated his needs and helped to comfort her as she prepared to say goodbye to her son as he departed for a week at camp.

The changes in Mathias were evident from the moment he came home from camp. At camp, Mathias was challenged to step outside of he comfort zone, allowing him to gain confidence, build communication skills and make new friends. He became more flexible, independent and more willing to take initiative.

The scholarship provided by the Partner of Youth Annual Campaign alleviated financial strain on the Dollinger family.

Betty expressed her gratitude to the donors who helped pave the way for this life-changing experience for her son.

“Camp Cormorant was a great experience that every kid should have access to,” she said. “The Partner of Youth Annual Campaign allows that to happen.”