Rachel Hutchison

When Rachel joined the YMCA ten years ago, she was looking to join a gym with a great group fitness program.

Today, she teaches multiple classes a week – including BodyStep, BodyFlow, Cycle, XYZ, and XA Beat. (Oh, and she’s working on more certifications, too!) While she has a special place in her heart for BodyStep, she is passionate about every format she teaches. Rachel has always had a desire to help people achieve their fitness goals, and enjoys the unique community that group fitness workouts bring.

“The best part is getting to know the members and coworkers and developing a friendship. The bonds that are shared between members and instructors are nothing short of amazing!”

Rachel uses group fitness to push herself, and is constantly learning and growing. She loves how group fitness holds people accountable to completing their workouts, and believes it’s a great way for people to discover new things in a safe, non-judgmental environment. One thing she wants people to know about group fitness? Just try!

“You don’t have to be Wonder Woman or one-hundred percent coordinated – the way I see it if you have the drive and motivation, that is all you need! Group fitness is a mind, body, and soul experience – and regardless of the class you are in you will get a warm smile, sense of community, and an awesome workout!”

When she’s not teaching, Rachel loves spending time with her three kids, exploring the outdoors, and cooking. We are honored to have Rachel on our Y team – her energy and dedication make us great!