Theresa Johnk

Theresa Johnk had hit the ‘mom slump.’ With a full-time job and a family to raise, including two young kiddos, she was continuously putting everyone else before her. In the midst of her busyness, a friend invited her to participate in a fitness challenge with her a few years ago. Theresa was instantly hooked!

She continued working out beyond the challenge and started running and using the elliptical machines when she could fit it in. She then transitioned into circuit style workouts that focused on upper and lower body strength, speed, agility, and metabolic conditioning. “What got me hooked was being trained properly on how to lift weights and realizing that we all start somewhere,” she explained. “Just because we have to start with something that seems ‘easy’ compared to someone else doesn’t make us a failure. We are all on our own journey and comparing does nothing but bring us down!”

Theresa wanted to be able to help others discover a love of fitness like she did, so last winter she started training to be a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She joined the YMCA’s fitness team in March 2019 and trains at both  the Fercho and Schlossman YMCAs. She enjoys designing programs that involve specific goals that her clients can achieve through strength training, fun cardio andflexibility exercises.

“I believe that absolutely everyone can benefit from making fitness a daily part of their lives. Not only can it improve your strength, balance and flexibility, but your relationships with others, mental wellness and every other part of your life as well.”

Theresa is happy to be at the YMCA, as she believes it is a reliable and consistent pillar in our community. “I love that I can be a part of that.”