The Wilson Family

Sofiya, Ashlynn and McKenzie Wilson are a part of the YMCA’s School Age Program at Jefferson Elementary. Having the opportunity to receive financial assistance through the Y’s Partner of Youth Annual Campaign, the Wilson family has been able to get back on their feet.

With eight total children in the family, Jackie, their mother, said that at times, it’s hard to figure out where the money will come from. In addition to child care payments for their children, they also have rent, insurance, groceries and more. Jackie says that “to some people that’s a very easy task, but for me, at times, I wondered if I was going to be able to make it happen. To have the opportunity to be a part of this scholarship program has meant not only so much to me, but to my whole family.” Jackie says that the assistance they have received through the YMCA is the difference between her family not being able to make ends meet, and being able to afford necessities like shoes and clothes.

However, Jackie said that her favorite part of the YMCA is the community they have found here. “At the YMCA, they give you with the same kindness and respect whether you receive financial assistance or not. I truly feel like I belong there, and that I matter, and my children matter.” She continues, “Knowing my kids are finally happy and that they love going to the YMCA makes a huge difference, and gives me peace of mind. As a parent, I love knowing my kids are in a safe and nurturing environment. The YMCA feels like a second home to us.”

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