Smiling, Laughter, and Just a Bit of Coffee

Happy March. Starting to see the sun more and warmer every day!

Each morning, I get the opportunity to see a great group of people at the YMCA – our Active Older Adults. They are here every morning during the week, many on the weekend too, and they do a lot of different activities at the Y.  Some take water exercise classes. Some use the cardio equipment. Some walk on the track.

But all of them do one thing together. Following their workouts, they gather in lobby and they have coffee. Mina volunteers to get it all put together each morning. They celebrate birthdays. They enjoy each other’s company. There are a few baked goods that even make the rounds. They also laugh. They laugh so loud that even though I am not right next to them, I sometimes close my door if I’m having a meeting. It is the best.

I have enjoyed getting to know this group over the last six months. No matter how the day is going, I can walk down and get a laugh with them.

This is just another reason why our YMCA is so important in our community. We are one of the few places that have these types of group gatherings that encourage community, provide support and allow them to be as lively and loud as they want. The best part is that it is organic. Come on down around 9:15am and you can hang out with them, too.

See you at the Y!

Steve Smith, President