I Love the Smell of Sunscreen in the Morning

Summer has hit the Y!

Each day as I am walking through different areas of the facilities, at camp, or even around the front door of the Fercho Branch I smell sunscreen. You can imagine with over 2,000 children with us daily in various programs like child care and summer day camps we go through gallons of the stuff. Just like at home, I hear the groans of kids as they are asked to slather the on the lotion.

It isn’t just the sunscreen that shows that summer is at the Y. We see it with the number of kids walking through the facilities heading to the pool to swim. We hear it each day as kids are singing songs and playing games. We see line after line of kids as they wait their turn or are heading to the park. Sometimes it is so busy I can’t leave my office because there is an endless line of kids either getting off of a bus or heading back onto the bus.

Why does this matter at the Y?

If you have read any of my blog posts you know that we are working towards a healthier spirit, mind and body for all. The mission of the Y comes alive during the summer through our kids. This morning, as one of our full day programs was kicking off, there was one child in the room for about 15 minutes along with the staff person. There was a song on the radio and she was singing and dancing to the song. Not just singing like we adults do, but full out gusto. She knew the words and she let the room and the lobby know that she did. The mission is alive. I know that with her counselor she was healthier in spirit, mind and body. I almost joined in but, you know, I’m an adult.

Sunscreen, and its aroma, are just signs of the work that we do.

Thanks to all the staff that help make this the best summer ever!

See you at the Y!

Steve Smith, President