God’s Hand

Happy August! Where did summer go? School starts next week.

Do you ever get that feeling like there is someone who is guiding your steps? I have had different times in my life where I can feel the hand of God pulling me – okay, pushing me – forward. I had one of those experiences this week.

On Monday, I flew into O’Hare for a meeting in Chicago. Knowing where our national organization usually has its meetings, I thought it would be a few miles away. So like all good business people, I got an Uber. I hopped in, told him where I was going, and off we went. If you have never experienced traffic at O’Hare, you will question the existence of the Almighty. It is a zoo.

A few minutes in I said to the driver, “God bless you for driving in this traffic!” He thanked me and we talked about various things. After a few minutes he asked me if I was a pastor. I said no, but explained how the Y is like a church (that’s another blog). We got to talking about faith. It turns out that he is a youth pastor, and had been facing some challenges. One was profound to me, he had been counseling a teen who had tried to commit suicide. He was really struggling on what to do with the information from this teen. He didn’t necessarily trust that the information he had would be kept in confidence. He wasn’t sure who to reach out to. He needed a mentor.

We talked. We shared our experiences. We prayed.

We were meant to be in that car together.

It turned out that the hotel hosting the meeting was attached to the terminal I had walked out of. We had just driven a large circle around the airport.

I think that I was supposed to get into that car.

God’s hand!

See you at the Y!

Steve Smith, President