Tis the Season

Tis the Season!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your YMCA Family.

What a busy time of the year. Christmas cards, both at home and at work, have caused writer’s cramp.  Christmas parties cause late nights and stuffed bellies.  There went the diet.  And, I can’t find a parking space at any of the stores.


When was the last time you stopped and enjoyed the season of giving?  Sung a Christmas carol lately?  Enjoyed family and friends?  Did something out of the blue for your neighbors or people you don’t know?

Last week, 25 children from our child care programs where treated by JCPenney’s staff and management to an event of a lifetime. They received an invitation from the JCPenney’s at West Acres Mall to come Christmas shopping at the store. Each child received $100 in store credit to shop for their families and bring home presents to put under the tree.  Not only that, but the JCPenny’s staff also made sure that each child got a t-shirt to commemorate the trip. And, in true Penny’s fashion, an extra 30% off their “purchases”. 

Why does this matter?

The children went through a nomination process with our staff and children were chosen that were most in need.  Each of these children have need for a “win” and that is exactly what the JCPenny’s staff provided.

Just imagine that you are an eight year old and you provided Christmas presents for your family. Think about the joy and satisfaction you would have as you watched your siblings open a present from under the tree. It might cause you to want to do that again, and again, and again….

Now think about the joy and satisfaction that our friends at JCPenney’s must be feeling from such a great gift. Six weeks of non-stop running around to stock shelves, dealing with customers, and working long hours. And for one hour on a Friday afternoon, they changed 25 kid’s lives.  It might cause you to want to do that again, and again, and again….

During this holiday season, let’s stop for a moment and remember why we give to others.  Let’s look at the season through the eyes of our youth. Let’s change someone’s life!

See you at the Y!

Steve Smith, President