My IT Guy Gets IT!

On one of the first nice days of the summer, it is good to be back and writing a blog. I have worked for the YMCA for nearly 35 years. For 20 years, I was certified to teach swimming lessons and Lifeguard. This meant that I was with kids every day and saw the great things that the Y can do as we live up to our mission.

I’m guessing that when you work in one of our back office areas, say IT, it is harder to see the mission in action. You know why. Each day you are dealing with people as they talk about why their computer isn’t performing the way it should, or “I forgot my password,” or some major cyber-attack on our systems. A good day is a quiet day. As in, “I walked in and no one told me anything is wrong!”

Which is what makes today special.

Collins, our IT Guy, was helping me with one of those computer issues that I mentioned above. He and I were talking through a few things and finished up. He headed out to grab a cup of coffee and ran into a little guy, about 3, sitting at one of our small tables. The two of them ended up in a deep discussion on world issues. Issues like washing your hands, what we had for lunch today, and where your office is located. It went on for quite a while. It was very deep.

You know, I take my years of kid interactions for granted. Through the various avenues of engaging with kids and the energy that they bring to our organization, it has kept me coming back every day. But what is that like for people like Collins, his team, our maintenance crew, or back office staff? They, too, make the mission possible but do it in so many ways that aren’t front and center. They, too, make a difference and have those one-off conversations with three-year-olds.

I love it when my IT Guy gets that we are more, that we are a community building team, that he, too, is in charge of stopping and talking with a three year old.  He is the Y to that little guy.

Thanks to all of our behind the scenes staff who make our mission possible.

Got to love it when the IT Guy gets IT!

See you at the Y!

Steve Smith, President