Early Learning Centers

Fercho YMCA
3 year old – summer: 1 full-time opening

Schlossman YMCA
4 year old – summer: no openings
5 year old – summer: no openngs
School Age (including middle school) –  summer: no openings (middle school not included)

South Learning Center  
3 year old – summer: 2 part time opening (days vary)
4 year old – summer: 1 part-time opening (days vary)
5 year old – summer: 1 full-time opening 
School Age – summer: 2 full-time opening

Calvary Learning Center
3 year old – summer: 3 part-time openings (days vary)
4 year old – summer: 2 part-time opening (days vary)
5 year old – summer: 3 full time opening and 1 part-time opening (Tues/Thur)
School Age  summer: 8 full-time openings and 4 part-time openings (days vary)

West Fargo Learning Center
3-3.5 year old – summer: 3 full-time openings
4 year old – summer: 3 full-time openings
5 year old – summer: 1 part-time opening (Mon/Thur/Fri)
School Age – summer: 4 full-time openings

School Age Learning Centers
YMCA Locations

Fercho YMCA –  summer: no openings
Schlossman YMCA –  summer: no openings
South Learning Center –  summer: 2 full-time openings
Calvary Learning Center – summer: 8 full-time openings
West Fargo Learning Center summer: 4 full-time openings

Moorhead School District

Dorothy Dodds Elementary summer: openings available
Ellen Hopkins Elementary summer: openings available
Robert Asp Elementary –  summer: openings available
S.G. Reinertsen Elementary summer: openings available

Fargo School District

Horace Mann Elementary –  summer: held at Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary –  summer: openings available
Madison Elementary –  summer: openings available
McKinley Elementary –  summer: held at Madison Elementary
Oak Grove Elementary  summer: No program
Roosevelt Elementary –  summer: held at Jefferson Elementary

West Fargo School District

Aurora Elementary –  summer: openings available
Brooks Harbor Elementary – summer: openings available
Eastwood Elementary –  summer: held at L.E. Berger Elementary
Freedom Elementary –  summer: openings available
Harwood Elementary – summer: held at Brooks Harbor Elementary
Horace Elementary –  summer: held at Independence Elementary
Independence Elementary  summer: openings available
Legacy Elementary –  summer: openings available
LE Berger Elementary – summer: openings available
Osgood Kindergarten Center –  summer: openings available
South Elementary –  summer: held at Westside Elementary
Westside Elementary – summer: openings available

Other School Districts

Dilworth Elementary – summer: part-time available (Mon/Thur/Fri)

Middle School Locations

Schlossman YMCALeaders In Training summer program (for ages 10-13): openings available


Have additional questions on openings/schedules, or ready to enroll? Please contact Heather Dorn at 701.364.4117 or