Seeds For Hope

Seeds For Hope is our community’s promise that all children will have hope for their futures and will realize thatattending a post-secondary educationalinstitution is not out of reach. The purpose of Seeds for Hope is to spread the word about North Dakota’s new College SAVE Plan to families in our community.

The ‘account login’ link below is a separate login from the College SAVE account. The link below is specifically for created for YMCA child care sites that have gone through the Seeds For Hope on-boarding process.

L.E. Berger Seeds for Hope Pilot Project Login

College SAVE is a 529 plan established by the State of North Dakota and administered by Bank of North Dakota. Kids from North Dakota have some very big plans for the future. And for many, those plans will include a college education. As college costs continue to rise, College SAVE provides advantages that can help parents in North Dakota and nationwide give their kids the benefits of a college education. 

Click here to learn about the state’s 529 savings account program 

For questions regarding Seeds For Hope, please contact Tania Zerr, Learning Centers Program Director, at 218.359.2331 or