Financial Assistance


YMCA Income-Based Financial Assistance

The YMCA offers Income Based Assistance to assist families pay for child care expenses. To qualify for Income Based Assistance, you must first be registered in one of our quality child care programs. The Income Based Assistance is designed to help cover expenses, along with Child Care Assistance up to 50% of the tuition. Enrollment fee and first two weeks tuition is required prior to start date for all families.Girl&Globe If Child Care Assistance pays more than 50% of the tuition billed, Income Based Assistance would not apply. If Child Care Assistance pays less than 50%, Income Based Assistance can supplement up to a total of 50% of the tuition billed.

If qualified, average Income Based Assistance is 10-25%. Families are responsible for the remaining tuition. Unfortunately, our funds are limited and parents will be responsible for a minimum of 50% of their tuition when qualifying for Income Based Assistance. Contact Dee at 218.359.2326 or your Site Director for additional information. Download our Financial Assistance Application Form and follow the submission instructions on the form.

Cass and Clay Counties Assistance Programs
Additionally, YMCA Learning Centers work with child care assistance programs in both Cass and Clay Counties. If you would like more information on applying for other assistance programs, please contact 701.241.5761 in Cass County and 218.299.5200 in Clay County.