The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos is a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on building relationships and providing responsive care. The curriculum focuses on creating a responsive environment for the children where they will be physically and emotionally stimulated with materials, sounds, and experiences, and also have space to relax and learn from those around them. We carefully plan daily routines and experiences, focusing on personal growth and development, making sure they are individualized to each child.

Children will participate in Creative Art, Large and Fine Motor Activities, Language and Talking Activities, Music and Movement, Social, Emotional and Cognitive Activities. The child’s own personal care is also individualized to their own needs. Another aspect of the Creative Curriculum focuses on guiding children’s behavior in a positive way. Building relationships with the families is a very important part of a successful infant and toddler program. Families are welcome to join the children any time during the day, no appointment needed! Parents have several opportunities throughout the day to visit with our trained staff regarding their child, plus we offer Parent/Teacher Conferences at least two times a year. Conferences can also be set up as needed.

Lesson plans are developed around a weekly exploration topic, based off of the children’s interests, not just a topic out of a box. Activities are developed around specific goals and objectives that your child’s class is working on. Research proves that children learn best when the topic is relevant and interesting to the group of children. Lesson plans are emailed out to all families and are posted in the classroom, along with a monthly calendar of classroom events. This is a great extension to the child’s learning and helps you and your child make the important connection between home and school.


Classroom materials and toys are rotated each week to go along with the weekly exploration topic. New items are placed in the learning centers to enhance the environment, keeping it relevant, fresh and fun for the children.