Conroy Family, South ELCconroyfamily

My son has been going to the YMCA Early Learning Center South since he was a toddler and he is now seven-years-old. My husband and I were immediately impressed with the caring staff in his first room and every room that has followed. As a school-age student, our son enjoys the benefits of the recreational programming and field trips planned by the center. We recommend the YMCA Early Learning Center program to anyone who asks.

Lori Conry

Anton Family, South ELC

Gavin has such a wonderful experience at the South Early Learning Center. We are so impressed how Gavin’s social skills and speech have improved since enrolling in the ELC program. He is not only learning things that will prepare him for Kindergarten on a daily basis, but he is also encouraged in all of his interests. Right now Gavin is fascinated with birds and butterflies and they are taking the time in his class to encourage that curiosity. When Gavin first started preschool, he barely know his numbers and colors and now he can count to 20, knows all his colors and is quickly picking up his alphabet!

Tricia, Kirk, Gavin and Kaden Anton


Swenson Family, West Fargo ELC

SwensonFamilyWe feel so fortunate to have our children enrolled in the Y’s West Fargo Early Learning Center.  It is truly was a blessing for us.  The nurturing and educational environment and the opportunities that the Y provides for our children is invaluable. They feel loved and safe while at the center. I love that the staff are always so excited to see our children and always have smiles and hugs waiting for them.  The staff are friendly, compassionate and seem to truly enjoy their work. Our daughters are happy and are excited to share things about their day. The staff are great at communicating any concerns in a timely fashion. The staff continue to encourage our children and praise them for the great work that they do.  They are always positive and even if there are struggles or concerns, they present them in a way that is not negative. They encourage individualized learning and cater to each individual’s needs. I appreciate the structure and stability that they provide. Our children know what is expected of them and are treated in a positive regard. I do not worry about them during the day as I know they are receiving excellent care, in a nurturing way from the staff.

While at the center, children have an opportunity to learn but yet still have fun. It is fun to see the projects they complete throughout the year. One daughter especially has built her self-confidence since starting at the Y program.  Academically, they have all grown in their abilities as well.  I am surprised at how much they know at such a young age. We also appreciate the many opportunities for them such as field trips, outside time, and special events. Our oldest daughter receives assistance with her homework at the Y which is so valuable as we do not have to spend time completing it at night.  Being a part of the Y has taught our children how to be a good friend, to be respectful, be a good listener and has taught them patience.  Overall, this is a very positive experience for them.

Kristin, Luke, Sophie, Kendall and Sydney Swenson


Elseth Family, West Fargo ELCZoey

Staff at the Y are fantastic. When our children have issues, they are always there to positively discuss them and work with us to find healthy resolutions. When things are going well, we hear from them about the positive things our children are doing and our children beam with pride on their positive feedback. Our kids love their teachers, the friends they have gained, and the activities they are allowed to engage in – whether it be swimming lessons, tee-ball, or simply off site field trips. They are also learning to get ready for school by learning how to use scissors, learning their letters, reading/being read to, and being encouraged to learn more about themselves, their environment and other people. Both Zoey and Greyson have learned about healthy interaction, how to handle situations where they feel like their friends aren’t interacting well, and how to express themselves when they are unsure of themselves or different situations. They have gained positive skills both in school development as well as interpersonal development. Both children are outspoken, happy and interact well with other children and adults, and their experience at the Y has greatly helped them with those skills. They feel encouraged to seek help and advice from the adults around them. They are good at articulating the positive and the negative things that have happened during the day allowing us to reinforce the teachings and lessons learned at the Y.

Heather, Jake, Greyson and Zoey Elseth