Why cycle at the YMCA?

Cycling is a wonderful form of exercise! Cycling is low impact, in contrast to other forms of exercise, like running, which is more weight bearing on your body. Additionally, it’s not only a great social opportunity, but an escape from our midwest weather conditions to the scenic views of summer in faraway places. The YMCA offers 20 classes per week at the Fercho YMCA. And the best part? These classes are included in your YMCA membership!

What are the benefits of cycling?

Cycling is great for weight loss, as caloric burn per hour equals 400 to 1000 calories. The resistance element of cycling means you not only burn fat, but you also build muscle. Since muscle is leaner than fat and burns more calories when sedentary, cycling is a fun and easy way to trim down. Cycling has proven to greatly increase heart and lung heath while reducing the risk of cancer. Cycling improves your sleep and boosts immunity. Research shows that cycling provides multiple cognitive improvements; increasing blood flow to the brain, improving awareness, and increasing mental well-being.

Class Formats & Cycle Studio

We strive to provide energized cycle classes that get you moving, motivated, challenged and plugged into our community. In addition to brand NEW Keiser M3i Series Bikes, which feature Bluetooth compatibility and are the only indoor bike certified for accuracy, the new mSeries mobile app tracks your performance to increase tangible results – so smart phones are encouraged, but not required.

Cycle classes are offered at the Fercho YMCA. Click here for a full Fercho group fitness schedule.

Cycle Foundations Workshops

Pedal along on our state-of-the-art stationary bikes as instructors guide you through step-by-step instructions on bike setup, form, and training techniques. Registration is required, but these workshops are FREE for members!

Our foundational courses aren’t just for beginners! Even experienced individuals can feel free to participate to improve form, troubleshoot problem areas, learn foundational techniques, and more!

Upcoming Dates:

  • January 6 & 13
  • February 3 & 10
  • March 2 & 9
  • April 6 & 13

Class Details:

Fercho YMCA Mondays 4:30 – 5:15pm Members: FREE Non-Members: $30

Register Now

For more information about Cycle at the YMCA, contact Katelyn Whittenburg at 701.364.4140 or