Group Fitness

At the Y, a supportive community is a big part of wellness. 

The YMCA offers 100+ weekly group fitness classes for all ages, all levels and all interests. We teach real classes for real people, focusing on your optimal health. From spirit, mind and body classes such as yoga and BODYFLOW®, to high-intensity cardio and strength training such as Cycling and BODYPUMP®, we’ve got something for every body and every age. We hope you’ll find a class that’s fun, supportive, fits your schedule and keeps you moving. Classes are included in membership and are offered at both branches.

YMCA Group Fitness Classes are for ages 15+. Youth ages 12-14 can earn access into Group Fitness Classes within arms-length of a parent/guardian, or unsupervised after completing the Y’s Youth Exercise Concepts Course, which consists of a one-hour session with a fitness associate. 

View Our Online Group Fitness Schedules:

Class Descriptions:
Class Descriptions can be viewed on our mobile app, on the Fercho and Schlossman online Group Fitness schedules, or on our downloadable schedules. 

Power of 3:
At the Y, we believe in the “POWER OF 3”. We encourage you to try any new group fitness format three times before moving onto something different. It may take three times for your body to truly adjust and excel in a new class or form of exercise. Share with us on social media your experience in your favorite Group Fitness classes using #powerof3!

Land Classes
Low Difficulty Moderate/Advanced Active Older Adults
BODYVIVE® mSMART Cycle SilverSneakers® Circuit
BODYFLOW® uROAR Cycle SilverSneakers® Classic
Yoga Level I Yoga in Motion SilverSneakers® Yoga
Zumba Biking Bootcamp XABeat Lite
XABeat Lite Mixed Level Yoga  
  XYZ Training  
Water Classes
Low Difficulty Moderate/Advanced
SilverSneakers® Splash Deep Water Tabata
Aqua Lite WaterinMotion®
  Water Wake Up

Group Fitness Foundations – Classes & Workshops

Learn group fitness techniques with our foundational courses, offered September – May! Each course consists of a three-class workshop, designed to help you feel comfortable and ready to make the most of your workout! All levels of fitness and experience welcome. FREE for members! Registration required.

Our foundational courses aren’t just for beginners! Even experienced individuals can feel free to participate to improve form, troubleshoot problem areas, learn foundational techniques, and more!

BODYPUMP® Foundations
Learn the basics of this popular barbell class to get lean, build strength, and tone muscle. You’ll earn equipment setup, proper lifting form, and more!  Check back later for Fall 2018 dates!

XYZ Foundations
Learn proper set-up, technique, and form so you’re ready to jump into class! You’ll learn to use the TRX® suspension system, rowers, free weights, and more! Check back later for Fall 2018 dates!

Cycle Foundations Workshops
We also offer Cycle Foundations Workshops. For more information, visit our Cycle page.

Yoga Foundations Workshops
We also offer Yoga Foundations Workshops. For more information, visit our Yoga page. 

For more information on Group Fitness Classes, contact Caleb Johnson: 701.356.1447 or