YMCA Training Plans

Not confident in your lifting plan or schedule? Need guidance on how and when to train? Try YMCA Training Plans, personalized to meet your needs and goals! You’ll meet with a Personal Trainer at the beginning to review your fitness needs, and they will design a customized plan, just for you! From beginners to elite athletes, our plans provide the blueprint for you to reach your goals, improving posture, flexibility, endurance, strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, weight loss, and more.


Ages 15+ Fercho & Schlossman YMCAs

Available Plans

1 Month Plan Members: $70 Non-Members: $100
3 Month Plan Members: $120 Non-Members: $170
6 Month Plan Members: $200 Non-Members: $250


Contact Ryan Carlson to learn more or to get signed up: ryan.carlson@ymcacassclay.org or 701.356.1447

For more information on YMCA Training Plans, please contact Ryan Carlson at 701.356.1447 or ryan.carlson@ymcacassclay.org