Adulting 101

Adulting 101 is a NEW class series geared toward young adults who are seeking basic skills to become more responsible and self-sufficient individuals who handle life’s little needs and emergencies with skill and purpose. Classes will be broken down by four different categories: Financial Skills, Professional Skills, Domestic Skills, and Survival/Safety Skills. See below for further details on what will be covered in each class. Pick and choose classes, or sign up for them all! You must register for each class individually.


Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:00pm Fercho YMCA (unless otherwise noted) Ages 16+


Members: $5/class Non-Members: $10/class

Financial Skills Series

Finance 101: How To Create a Budget  |  Tuesday, March 24  |  Rasmussen College (4012 19th Ave S, Fargo | Room 114): In this class Jake Whiting from First International Bank and Trust will cover basic budgeting skills, like how to set up a bank account, how to create and maintain a personal budget, how to save money, how to file taxes, and what tools are useful for personal budgeting. If creating your first budget feels overwhelming or if you’re wondering where all of your money goes, this class is for you. This class is limited to 18 participants. 

Finance 102: Credit Cards, Student Loans, and Mortgages  |  Tuesday, April 28: Credit cards, student loans, car payments, mortgages – it can be a lot to handle for anyone. In this class, you’ll learn how to manage that pesky debt, build your credit score, and create a game plan to eventually get you where you want to be… debt free! This class is limited to 25 participants.

Finance 103: Tuesday, May 19  |  Preparing For Your Future: There is no better time than right now to begin the journey toward financial security. In this class, we’ll touch on insurance plans, employee benefits packages, personal investments, different retirement plans, and more. If you earn a dollar or plan to in the future, this class is definitely for you. This class is limited to 25 participants.

Professional Skills Series

Professional Skills 101: Resumes, Cover Letters, and All Things Professional  |  June 15 In this interactive workshop, we’ll look at what to include on your resume and cover letter, discuss how you can ace that important interview and discover what your online presence says about you. Whether you’re looking for that first job or interviewing for your dream job, you’ll take away tips and tricks that will help you showcase your professional skills while being authentic the whole time. This class is limited to 25 participants.

Professional Skills 102: LIfe-long Learning – Why Do I Need It?  |  July 21 It’s time to stop thinking learning is only for the classroom. Together we will uncover what it means to be a life-long learner, its countless benefits and how you can keep the learning going through small, intentional moments. This class is limited to 25 participants.

Professional Skills 103: Effective Communication  |  August 18 Author George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Communicating effectively is challenging, but a skill we all need. In our time together we will cover the communication process, communication styles and the role emotional intelligence plays in conveying our message. This class is limited to 25 participants.

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