Joel Haraldson, Moohread

 I was diagnostic with cancer in January 2011. They found a cancer mass near my liver. My situation was a little unique so they tried a different type of treatment at first. I had a terrible allergic reaction to it causing a great set back in the process and recovery. I was completely out of it and lost 60 pounds of muscle. Doctors were unsure if I was going to make it. After changing the treatment, things turned around. I always believe God would do whatever he has planned, but after this and regaining my strength through the LIVESTRONG program, my faith has been renewed.

I came home October 2011, however I was so weak I literally couldn’t even pick myself up off the floor. I had trouble going up and down steps and when I walked I felt like I was in mud. I felt too weak to do anything and just wanted to sit at home. Then someone told me about a free cancer survivor program called LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA. The support of the group gave me hope and an incentive to do something. They don’t push you but were just very, very supportive. I went from being able to barely walk to now being able to run!

I continue to take advantage of the discounted membership and have built up my strength and confidence even more. I am proud to say only 8 month after coming home I am renewed and able to go back to work which includes a lot of manual work!