Learn how to identify and avoid predators, how to escape attackers, a general knowledge of criminal trends and statistics, and more! This one-time class led by the North Dakota Safety Council will consist of two hours of classroom training, and two hours of hands-on skills training. Minors need a waiver signed by a parent or guardian to participate.

Upcoming Dates:
  • Saturday, August 24
9:00am – 1:00pm Fercho YMCA Ages 13+ Members and Non-Members: $60

Classroom Training – Gain a general knowledge of:
•  ND Criminal trends and statistics
• Types of predators and how to recognize them
• Where abductions occur and how to avoid them

Hands-On Skills Training – Learn to escape your attacker if you are:
• Standing/Running/Walking
• On the ground
• Being attacked with a weapon

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For more information on Self Defense, please contact Jessica Kasprzak at 701.364.4153 or