Women’s FIT Camp FAQs

Interested in attending FIT Camp this summer? Here is some general information that will help you prepare for camp!


FIT Camp is for women only. We encourage women (18 years or older) of any physical ability to embark on this transforming weekend with their close friends and family members. 

Do I need to have a certain athletic ability to qualify for camp?

No, at FIT Camp you are accepted and not judged for any short comings. We embrace our beauty and reveal our inner strength! Can you remember your last workout, or do you workout every morning? The answer does not make a difference at FIT Camp. This camp is designed for fitness levels of all sorts. We have 10 team leaders that will lead you through a team of 7 individuals, making everyone do the best that they can do! If you have major concerns regarding your weight, physical limitations or any other health concerns contact Katelyn, and she is happy to speak with you regarding these!

Are there any meetings or prep work before camp begins?

No, this weekend alone will be your restart to the ultimate workout regimen. There is no need for a designed workout plan for you ladies prior to meeting with our trainers at FIT Camp. If still interested in meeting with a personal trainer prior to, contact Becca for direction on exercise!

What’s a typical day at camp?

Each morning will start off with a warm up of walking, running or hiking. After a warm up, you will be able to enjoy the sunrise on the beach, while you indulge in gentle morning yoga. Throughout the course of the day you will be introduced to physical activities, and gain expertise on health topics with our educational trainings over the course of the weekend. To keep you replenished from the day’s physical activities we include mindful-eating practices, nutritional snacks and meals.

Do I choose which activities I want to do at camp?
When you arrive at camp you sign a contract that states that you will do your best to complete the things asked of you, this involves not picking and choosing which activities you want to do and not do. If at any time in your experience at FIT Camp you do not feel comfortable with a specific exercise notify an instructor, and explain your concerns! We can help get you there!

What if I have allergies to certain foods?
Food allergies can cause serious and even deadly reactions, so it’s important to inform us to prevent reactions. Contact Katelyn with any allergy concerns. Moreover contact Katelyn for any medical concerns.

Will there be free time?
We know how important it is to take time for yourself and to reflect on the present moment. For these reasons we have included specific times just for you! We want this weekend to be a bonding experience and ask that you stay on site. If you choose to leave the area you are not welcomed back!

While I am at Fit Camp can I swim in the lake? What is the lake and beach like?
The beach is normally quiet, very scenic and serene and offers some wonderful walking, swimming, and exploring. There are minimal weeds, which makes for some excellent swimming.

Can I sunbathe on the beach?
The beach is very quiet and the lake normally quite deserted. You will see the occasional fisherman or family strolling by, usually on Sundays or holidays. If you do decide to sunbathe, we ask that you be sensitive to protecting your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays, and suggest applying appropriate amounts of sunscreen. We ask any guests wanting to sunbathe to practice conscious bathing.

Will there be water activities?
Yes, there will be opportunities to swim and use the water toys. This is not a mandatory activity.

What happens if there is bad weather?
Rain or shine we are working out! Although our workouts are featured outside, we have planned for those occasional bad weather days. At Camp Cormorant we are fortunate enough to have spaces for group fitness classes to take place inside.  

Can I leave the camp for personal exploration? 
Although it is not encouraged we understand that you want to do your own exploration while visiting the Lakes Country. We ask you do this exploration prior to or after FIT Camp arrival and departure times. Our policy is once you leave you cannot return. This rule was implemented to respect other campers.

What should I do if I need to make a phone call?
We understand that family connection is important. While there are no phones in the camp during activities, women are more than welcome to make calls to their family and friends during rest times in the cabins. The itinerary allows for these times periodically throughout the three days. Please be considerate and respectful of those around you when making your phone calls.    

We do invite you to leave your cell phones at home and “unplug” from your life while you are on this retreat. We suggest you take full advantage of this area to concentrate on the peace and wilderness experience. Come, disconnect, and decompress!


How early do I need to book my reservation?
While waiting for the last minute is acceptable this summer the camp’s space is limited. It is helpful to register early to guarantee your special room requests. Boarding tends to fill up two to six weeks in advance, keep these facts in the back of your mind as you contemplate how early to register.

What is the last day to register?
We are accepting registration up to one week prior to the camp. That being said, we encourage all those interested in registering early since the spots are limited, and discounts are available for those that register early. Contact Katelyn on FIT Camp capacity.

I didn’t receive an orientation packet after making my reservation?
I’m sorry you did not receive these important documents. Please Contact Us to arrange an orientation to be send to your preferred address. These documents will need to be returned to us (400 1st Avenue South Fargo, ND Attn: Katelyn Whittenburg – FIT Camp) to allow us time to be informed of your health history, physical limitations, and/or allergies.

Something important came up! Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes. You can cancel your spot at FIT Camp by emailing Katelyn. However, you will not receive a refund for your registration. The camp is designed to challenge physical limitations, and we stand firm that those women that have committed themselves to finding that change must keep this promise to themselves to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

This camp does not meet my budgets, what are my options?
Camp is more affordable for members, they receive a cheaper price. Look into whether you qualify for our Y-Match program. Those that qualify for Y-Match receive 50% off programs at the YMCA. We can help get you there! Notify Katelyn of your needs.

What are the accommodations?

There is electricity in all cabins. Heat and air conditioning cabins are on a first serve matter, and inside there is an area to store your belongings. The restrooms are accommodated with sinks, mirrors, and showers. Access to these restrooms is a few steps away from the cabins. We recommend bringing a flashlight for during the evening hours once the sun has set. There are no wi-fi services available during this retreat as we wish for this weekend to be based on “unplugging” from technology.  

Will I be able to stay with the person or people I came with?
Yes, you can arrange to be in the same cabin. Cabins will have split schedules so it is important to make certain you ask for your friend or family member to be with you in order to engage in similar activities at the same times.

When is my room available?
On the day of your arrival, you must be checked-in by 8 a.m. This time is set aside for you to unpack your belongings, settle into your cabin, and meet your team. The activities start at 9 a.m.  

On the day you are scheduled to leave Camp Cormorant, you must vacate your cabin by 5:00pm. After the award ceremony at 6 pm you will receive your final farewells. We will arrange a get-together post-FIT Camp where you can continue the next phase of your healthy living lifestyle. Stay tuned via closed Facebook Group facebook.com/groups/FITCampforWomen

Will there be transportation to and from camp?

Transportation via bus can be made possible for anyone needing transportation. If you are choosing to take transportation you will need to arrive to the Fercho YMCA East Parking lot Friday morning at 7:00 a.m. promptly. Contact Katelyn to arrange a bus to shuttle you to and from Camp Cormorant.

Most individuals coming to the camp choose to drive themselves. Unwind from the trip from Fargo to YMCA Lane by the picturesque bending roads, fields and rolling hills. If you so choose to drive your own vehicle we prefer for family and friends to carpool to save on gas, and to be environmentally kind. Thank you.

What will you need to bring or leave at home?

The autumn climate here makes it very comfortable to wear simple, lightweight clothing and supportive footwear for daily physical activity. Quick-dry clothes and tennis shoes work best. Keep in mind that Camp Cormorant is located on Lake Big Cormorant and the effect of the lake keeps the surrounding area relatively cooler in the evening so bring a variety of layers such as, long-sleeves and long pants, as well as, short sleeves and shorts.

What items should I pack?

  • Bring your own yoga mat
  • A pen for writing down notes during the presentations and writing in your FIT Camp journals
  • We highly recommend that you bring a non-breakable water bottle, appropriate footwear for rugged terrain, and a flashlight
  • A traveling tote to carry small items (such as, journal and water bottle) throughout the camp grounds
  • 3 or 4 lightweight T-Shirts or tank tops
  • 3 or 4 pairs of shorts
  • Bathing suit
  • Bring your own bathing towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray

What items should I leave at home?

  • Alcohol, marijuana and illegal substances/drugs are not permitted.
  • Cameras (in any form) or photography are not allowed. The camp is fortunate to have a photographer on-site capturing moments of the weekend, and will make them available online for your personal viewing.
  • Mobile phones should be powered off upon arrival. One of our primary missions has been to create a place where guests can “unplug” from their day-to-day routines, including the use of technology. For this reason, we limit mobile phone use and we do not provide Wi-Fi service for guest use. We do offer a few times throughout the weekend for those who must stay in touch, but these offerings are intentionally modest to discourage their overuse. Although we recognize that our policy is inconvenient, our hope is that guests will be encouraged to use their time at Women’s FIT Camp to connect with silence, nature and the beautiful women indulging here.  
  • Use of colognes, perfumes or scented personal care products should be avoided during your stay
  • Food is not allowed in the cabins. All meals are included in your stay, and are vegan based.
  • Pets are not allowed. Pets may not be left in vehicles.
What happens in the case of a medical emergency in the middle of camp?

Essentia Health Saint Mary’s has a full service emergency department as well as the hospital located in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, only 20 minutes away from Camp Cormorant. They do manage major trauma patients with a ten bed emergency department with an emergency physician staffed 24/7 as well as two registered nurses staffed at all times. Service for EMS is available for both Detroit Lakes-area and Fargo-area. Essentia Health Saint Mary’s does not have a dedicated air service with a helicopter, but would call an Air Med Flight out of Fargo to provide that support. Women’s FIT Camp has excellent fitness coaches certified to perform First Aid, CPR & AED. For your convenience a certified water safety instructor is always on site to save anyone’s life.

How do I get there?

Camp Cormorant’s street address is 14563 YMCA Lane, Lake Park, MN 56554. 

If you have any other questions, please contact Katelyn Whittenburg at 701.364.4140 or katelyn.whittenburg@ymcacassclay.org

• Click here to see our location using Map Quest or Google Maps.