Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


New to a program at the YMCA?

Check out our Y Program Participant Welcome Letter for information 
and an overview of what to expect, what to bring, where to arrive, where to park and more!


Program Specific Information
Swimming Lessons
Youth Basketball



How do I check in or check my child in for a program?

If you are not a YMCA member, we will create a program card for your child that will grant access to the facility up to 20 minutes prior to the class start time. If you registered online or over the phone, please allow approximately five minutes prior to your first class so that we can print your child’s program card.  YMCA members may check in by simply scanning their membership card.

Which locker room should I use?
We have adult, youth and a family locker room for your use. The following guidelines will help you determine which locker room you should use:

  • Boys and Girls under age 15 may use the Male & Female (non-adult) locker rooms when accompanied by the same sex parent/guardian.
  • Boys and Girls under age 15 may use the family locker room when accompanied by the opposite sex parent/guardian.
    ** During preschool swimming lessons, when it is very full in the family locker room, parents are permitted to take a child under age four of the opposite sex into the youth locker rooms.
  • Persons age 15 and older may use the adult locker room. Card access is required, so non-members must request a guest card upon check in to the facility.

Please bring a lock and lock personal items in a locker.  We strongly encourage you to lock all belongings.




Do I need to bring towels?
No, we are happy to provide towels for your use while at the YMCA.

Can I watch my child while he/she is in the lesson/program?
Sure.  We have observation areas for swimming lessons.  The observation areas are quite warm, so dress accordingly.  Other YMCA activity areas do not have separate observation rooms; therefore we ask that you quietly observe to promote your child’s participation in the class.

What should my child wear?
For swimming lessons, your child will need swim wear and swim diapers if not toilet trained. For other programs, it is recommended that the child dress in comfortable clothing with gym shoes, with non-marking soles. Children in gymnastics should be in bare feet. Your child should have their hair pulled back in a pony tail if applicable.

Can I bring refreshments for my child?
We ask that food and beverages, besides water in plastic containers, not be brought into the activity areas.




Where do I go for class?
The LIVESTRONG at the YMCA committee will meet you at the front desk your first day of the program. After that, the class will have a designated meeting location depending on the Y branch location and time of day.

What should I wear?
Dress in attire that you feel comfortable moving in! Sneakers with good support are also important.

Do I need to bring anything?

  • If you have lymphedema we RECOMMEND that you bring your compression garment
  • A bottle for water
  • Your support person if you so choose

What if I can’t make it to a session of LIVESTRONG at the YMCA?
This is ok. But please call your instructor to let them know!

Will the instructor be the same every class?
Yes, the instructor will be the same person for the entire session. There will be number of additional staff that assists with special days throughout the session as well.

Can the program be observed by family/friends?
Consistency and regular surroundings are important for success in the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program and so we ask that observation of single classes does not occur. We do highly encourage every participant to enroll a support person to be active and complete the program with them.