YMCA gymnastics classes are designed to provide an introduction to basic gymnastics skills on the floor, uneven bars and balance beam. Levels are tailored to the specified age levels, and kids are allowed to explore the sport while learning that being active is fun.

Gymsters : Ages 6 & up

Participants work on improved strength, flexibility and self-confidence, while continuing to work on introductory skills. Students will be developing more skills, learn cartwheels, handstands and more. Increased skill levels on the bars. Students will do more in depth stretching and conditioning.

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Little Leapers : Ages 4 - 5

An introductory class designed to develop independence and basic gymnastics skills such as forward/backward rolls and handstands with support. Children and caregivers participate together (parent participation is encouraged).

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Tiny Tumblers : Ages 2 - 3

In an open gym atmosphere, instructors work on basic motor skills, forward rolls and coordination. Instructors of this program focus on activities that are fun and stimulating for children. Children and caregivers participate together (parent participation is required).

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